Edona: initiative for an Open and Eclipse based platform for Automotive Standards

Etienne Juliot (OBEO )

Embedded · Short
Wednesday, 13:30, 20 minutes | Seminarräume 5


Gathering the totality of the large french industrial actors of the embedded automobile software actors, EDONA « Environnements de Développement Ouverts aux Normes de l’Automobile » (Open Development Platform to Automotive Standards) is a project of the pole of competitiveness System@tic Paris-Area. It aims at the construction of an open platform facilitating the realization of development chains that must be trade modular, interoperable, adaptable to the various needs of the actors and trades of the car industry.

The project is directed by Renault and the form chosen for EDONA is the creation of a reference technological platform, then its specialization on applicative products of the sector. Each specialized environment will result from the following process :

By the end of the project, 32 technologies (component-tools) will be developed in a context of intensive industrial exploitation. This talk will mostly relate to some aspects of the project :

Etienne Juliot is one the funder of Obeo company focus on Model Driven tools. He activly contribute to Acceleo, an OpenSource code generator based on Eclipse, and to Obeo Agility (a reverse enginnering platform built on the top of GMF, EMF and Acceleo). He is also an Eclipse foundation commiter on Eclipse STP and Papyrus. Etienne has over 9 years of software architecture experience (information and embedded systems), MDA approach, and Eclipse technologies. Etienne Juliot manages Obeo's working tasks inside several large R&D projects for aerospace, automotive, middleware activities in a view to create innovating products for Eclipse based modeling.

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