Analyze Heapdumps in a Web Browser - Single Sourcing in Practice

Benjamin Muskalla (Tasktop ), Krum Tsvetkov (SAP AG )

Runtime · Long
Wednesday, 17:10, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 5


The Eclipse Memory Analyzer is a fast and feature-rich tool that helps you find memory leaks and reduce memory consumption. Using heapdumps as data for the analysis it is especially helpful against memory leaks which appear in production systems. Parsing multi-gigabyte heap dumps can be a resource-intensive task for the regular developer machine, a task which is better executed on a "server" machine. In this joint session about MAT and RAP you will learn both - how to easily and effectively find memory leaks, and how single sourcing helps you to run a typical RCP application in a server environment as a modern Web 2.0 application. The foundation of latter is the Rich Ajax Platform project. By single sourcing MAT we were able to run it as a regular RCP application and to deploy it as a rich internet application at the same time. The talk covers some of the problems arose during this process and how these were solved. To conclude the talk we will demonstrate how to inspect large heap dumps with nothing more than a web browser.

Benjamin Muskalla works as a software developer and consultant at EclipseSource in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is one of the core team of committers on the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) project and contributes to several other Eclipse projects including E4, Platform UI and JDT. His interests include squash, billiards and generally spreading the word about RAP.

Krum Tsvetkov is part of the Java Server Technology Development group at SAP. He has more than nine years of experience in this area, most of them in providing technical support to customers. Currently he is a committer for the Memory Analyzer tool at Eclipse, bringing his real-life troubleshooting experience gained through the years into the tool.

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