EEF you want sexy EMF properties ...

Goulwen Le Fur (OBEO )

Modeling · Short
Thursday, 14:20, 20 minutes | Schubartsaal


EEF is a new component in the EMFT project. It aims to provide a generative way to produce advanced graphical components to edit EMF based models. It is a bridge between EMF, SWT and Eclipse Forms built on top of the EMF.Edit framework.

One of the goals of the EEF project is to ease the production of powerful editing environments. EEF aims to allow an easy integration of the standard components of EMF (Validation, Transaction...) and to bring new features like editing lock management, dynamic help system integration...

The EEF project is the first project having its generating part based on the new version of code generation engine Acceleo (which implements the MTL standard). The cooperation between these two projects has allowed the correction of many defects and the addition of many features in Acceleo, and has enabled EEF to benefit from a very extensible and powerful generation architecture.

EEF attracts more and more users, and this growing community will allow a good stabilisation of the project.

Goulwen Le Fur is consultant at Obeo. He works on several projects to industrialize software development using pragmatic MDA approaches like DSM, Code generation, ... He is an active user of the Acceleo project and now uses his experience to lead the EEF project in EMFT.

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