Building Equinox OSGi Applications with EclipseLink–-Even Better in Galileo!

Doug Clarke (Oracle ), Shaun Smith (Oracle )

Runtime · Long
Thursday, 13:30, 40 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


OSGi development is making inroads into the enterprise and enterprise applications need access to data. Fortunately the EclipseLink project provides high performance native OSGi implementations of the Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Architecture for XML (JAXB), and Service Data Objects (SDO) specifications. And in Galileo, building OSGi, Java EE, and Java SE applications with EclipseLink has gotten easier. EclipseLink JPA is included in both the Galileo Java EE and Modeling distributions, with SDO and MOXy (JAXB) easily obtained from the Galileo update site so installation and configuration is a breeze. Expanded support for EclipseLink JPA is available in the Galileo release of the Dali Java Persistence Tools along with PDE compatibility so building JPA bundles is just like building Java EE or SE applications; all the EclipseLink specific mapping, configuration, and validation are supported in bundle projects. And development of EMF applications backed by relational databases is possible with the Galileo release of the Teneo project, which integrates EclipseLink JPA with EMF.

This session will provide a brief overview of the persistence services provided by EclipseLink but will focus on the construction of OSGi applications with EclipseLink using the tools available in the Galileo release. Attendees of this session will learn about EclipseLink OSGi persistence services, what tools are available to construct applications that use these services, how to leverage advanced Equinox support, and how to deploy and run EclipseLink applications on Equinox.

Doug Clarke is a Director of Product Management for Oracle Application Server\'s Java Persistence solutions and the co-lead of the EclipseLink Project. Doug also is a member of the RT PMC and Architecture council at Eclipse. Doug has extensive enterprise development, consulting, and educational field experience in the areas of object-relational persistence, data access, and systems integration. Doug brings together concrete experiences from projects of various sizes and industries with a practical approach to design, testing, and performance tuning.

Shaun Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community. He's Ecosystem Development Lead for the EclipseLink Project and a committer on the Eclipse EMF Teneo and Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. He’s currently involved with the development of persistence services for OSGi and TopLink Grid, which integrates Oracle Coherence with Oracle TopLink to provide "JPA on the Grid".

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