What's in e4

Boris Bokowski, Hallvard Traetteberg, Kai Toedter (Siemens AG ), Thomas Schindl (BestSolution ), Yves YANG (Soyatec )

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Wednesday, 10:30, 40 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


The e4 project brings a new set of technologies that make Eclipse components easier to write, more configurable by application developers and integrators, and easier to reuse in diverse runtime environments. This is the talk to attend if you want to get an overview of what the e4 project has accomplished so far, and what the plans are for the release of Eclipse 4.0 in 2010. Topics include:

Boris Bokowski is a Software Developer with IBM Rational in Ottawa, Canada. He is the technical lead of the Eclipse Platform UI team, and a committer on the e4 project. He is also part of the "API police" for the Eclipse Platform, a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, and a committer representative on the Eclipse Board of Directors. He holds a PhD in computer science from Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany.

Hallvard Traetteberg, has a PhD on model-based UI design from the Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology, where he now is Associate Professor. He has developed Eclipse-based research prototypes for many years, and contributes the Toolkit Model to the e4 project, based on this experience.

Kai is a senior software engineer/architect at Siemens corporate technology. He has more than 12 years of Java experience and represented Siemens in the JCP. Kai is also Siemens' representative in the Eclipse foundation and committer in the e4 project.

Tom is self-employed and CEO of BestSolution.at Systemhaus Gmbh a software company building applications (RCP, J2EE) for companies around the world.
Besides implementing solutions their own BestSolution.at consulted companies to introduce Eclipse Technologies into their software stack by providing its knowledge about Eclipse Technologies and Software Design experience.
Tom is one of the Platform-UI and Nebula committers working on JFace-Viewers, Nebula-Grid and contributed patches to other eclipse projects (EMF, ...). He is the founder of the UFacekit-Project which builds a layer of abstraction above Eclipse-Databinding.
He is a regular contributor to the eclipse newsgroups and received the top contributor award in 2007 for his work on JFace-Viewers. Tom is part of the E4 project team and has written the EMF based platform prototype used as the starting point for the implementation of the next generation of the Eclipse-Platform.

Yves YANG, Eclipse committer, has over 17 years of experience working with OO software development and mainly worked on Eclipse and ODBMS: GemStone, Matisse and Versant. He was the chief architect of first Eclipse UML plugin from 2002 to early 2006. He is also the project leader of the eclipse project: ESL, VE and PMF His activities focus on the EMF/MDA modeling, GUI/XAML/VE development and China OutSourcing.

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