SMILA - The Integration Framework

Igor Novakovic (Empolis Information Management GmbH )

Runtime · Long
Wednesday, 16:20, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 5


The amount and diversity of information is growing exponentially, mainly in the area of unstructured data, like office documents, emails, images, audio & video files, blogs etc. Poor data accessibility, user rights integration and the lack of semantic metadata are constraining factors for building next generation enterprise search and other document centric applications.

SMILA (SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture) is an extensible framework for building information management solutions to access unstructured information in the enterprise. Besides providing essential infrastructure components and services, SMILA also delivers ready-to-use add-on components, like connectors to most relevant data sources and some data processing services. Using the framework as basis will enable developers to concentrate on the creation of higher value solutions, like search or semantic driven applications.

Apart from giving the short introduction to the project, the focus of this talk will be the demonstration of several example applications (e.g. image, chemical structure, video & audio search and automatic ontology extraction) which have been realized by integrating powerful recognition and extraction technologies in SMILA.

Igor Novakovic is Deputy Director Development at Empolis GmbH. After joining empolis in 2000, he was at first responsible for the development of some server-side components written in C++ and Java. Later on, beside designing and developing J2EE applications, he successfully introduced company-wide the application lifecycle management based on open source tools. From 2006 he led the development of the solution "empolis Service Lifecycle Suite". Since late 2007 he is the co-lead of the SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture (SMILA) project.


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