Get The Fat Man Off Your Back: Profiling For Better Performance

Patrick Dempsey (Band XI International )

Embedded · Long
Thursday, 10:30, 40 minutes | Silchersaal


Why does your application run so slowly?
You probably think it is the algorithms, or the fact that all the application services are started as services instead of using extension points.
It runs so slowly because it is carrying a fat man with it. Nothing can run fast when it is carrying that much dead weight.
Experience has shown that the performance problems are never where they are expected to be. Things that were initially thought to be problems often never even show up in the traces, and code blocks that have little application value often dominate the execution time. Over time many of same blocks show up very high in the trace, and these fat men need to be removed before the performance problems in the actual application's algorithms can be found. In this talk we will look at profiling a real world embedded Java/OSGi application to remove the fat men, and maybe even some of algorithm problems in the code. The application ran fine on a laptop but took over a minute to start and ran out of memory when put on its intended embedded target. By the time it was deployed it started up fine, and ran for days without running out of memory. It will be part experience report, part best practices, part concrete example, all fun!

Patrick Dempsey writes Java software for embedded platforms at Band XI International. He specializes in platform integration and does much of his programming utilizing the OSGi framework with Service Activator Toolkit and Device Kit. Once upon a time Patrick was a member of the Embedded Java Enablement Team (eJET) in IBM's Pervasive Computing Group. That time, all five years of it, has come and gone leaving only memories of RFID and Telematics and a much better understanding of OSGi, JAVA, embedded C, and all manners of hardware devices. Even before that he earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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