Viewers In Depth

Mike Evans

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Tuesday, 14:00, 4 hours | Schubartsaal


The viewer framework represents the best of JFace, using an elegant abstraction to hugely magnify the utility of the underlying GUI widgets.

If you have been to Dan Rubel's "Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-ins" tutorial, or you are a little more experienced and want to explore the viewer framework in depth, this tutorial is for you.

Amongst the subjects covered:

Warning - be prepared for some hard work! In 4 hours we will attempt to cover much of the material of Incremental's 3 day commercial course "Advanced Eclipse RCP GUI Development".

Please bring along a laptop with 'Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers' installed (3.4 or above).

Full material and source is available to take away - download the file below.

Mike has worked with RCP since its inception. He believes that the Eclipse community is one of the greatest innovative forces for real-world application development.

Mike is an adept communicator, having worked as the interface between business and technology in industries ranging from paintbrushes to shipbuilding, from bird protection to bank accounts.

Mike is joint founder and the technical force behind Incremental Ltd. whose product, Incremental Epic, relies on the capabilities of Eclipse RCP, and continues to be actively developed. He also trains others on how to make the most of the RCP platform. Please take a look at

Mike lives with his wife in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Download Material

Download file of related material.

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