Customizing RCP UI using the Presentations API

Sébastien Moran

Other, N&N · Short
Wednesday, 16:40, 20 minutes | Silchersaal


The RCP framework allows us to create applications really fitting our needs. But we often want it to look different than a classical Eclipse Workbench. We already have our perspectives, our views, but we want them to be presented differently. That's exactly what the Presentations API is designed for.

This talk will present a case study of the customization of an RCP application using the Presentations API and other UI tricks that can be used to build a sexy UI on top of RCP and SWT.

It will highlight the key concepts of the Presentations API, and give a general feedback on how easy it is (or sometimes not!) to customize an Eclipse UI.

moz-screenshot-1      moz-screenshot

Sebastien Moran is a technical expert and trainer at Anyware Technologies. He has been involed in several Eclipse RCP projects, in particular for an EDF\'s nuclear plant, a modeling studio Continental and for the provider of embedded wireless technology, Sierra Wireless.

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