Using Eclipse to program embedded apps for smart metering, home security, and a lot of other cool geeky gadgets

Embedded · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

The purpose of this poster is to show you how a bunch of cool Eclipse technologies such as CDT, EMF, GMF, RSE/TM, ... can be used to develop real embedded applications involving many kinds of device (smart metering, home security, green energy, etc), using a component-oriented approach.

The idea behind this session will be to demonstrate some cool and real use-cases, with actual devices (power meters, security camera, etc.)!
Nota: Geekiest people may even be able to play with our Lego Mindstorms robot :)
Nota2: We\'ve been working on several components that\'d be worth being Open-Sourced, and this poster session would be a great occasion to discuss such a thing (a-la-BoF).

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