Pimp your BIRT Reports

Mica J. Block

Runtime · Sponsored
Wednesday, 15:10, 40 minutes | Wilhelm-Kramer-Zimmer


The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project is part of the Eclipse Framework that provides infrastructure and tools to design, develop, and deploy report content to your Java/J2EE application.

This presentation will show you how to add additional functionality to your BIRT reports in order to enable end-users to interact with the data and even build their own reports. Topics covered include:

·          Adding Flash to BIRT Reports for highly interactive visualizations of data in BIRT reports.

·          BIRT Interactive Viewer. With BIRT Interactive Viewer end users can change BIRT report formatting; hide, add or move data; create charts, sort data and apply functions to data.

·          BIRT Studio. BIRT Studio is a web-based report development tool for business users to create BIRT – based business intelligence reports using the reusable report components created by any of BIRT Designers.  It is an AJAX-based based business intelligence tool accessed from a web browser with no client software to install for end users to create charts and graphs; add, rearrange, reformat, show and hide data; and change report, row, column and cell formatting to create their own BIRT report.

Mica Block has over 19 years of experience in the software industry in various roles including product management and technical sales. Mica joined Actuate in January 1996 prior to release 1.0 and has been responsible for helping build and guide the technical sales force. Prior to Actuate Mica worked for other major software companies such as Sybase and Information Builders. Mica Block has been involved in the BIRT project from the beginning in assisting and guiding the project team from a report developers point of view. Currently Mica Block is the Director of the ACES (Actuate Corporate Engineers). This is a team of engineers that provides the Actuate sales force with high-level technical support. This support includes Proof of Concepts, System Architecture Design, Scalability Tests, and various other high level meetings as needed by the Actuate sales force.


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