Harden your models with OCL

Pierre Gaufillet (AIRBUS ), Sebastien GABEL

Modeling · Short
Thursday, 14:40, 20 minutes | Schubartsaal


Based on Eclipse Modeling Project components, TOPCASED - an open source CASE - is now deployed on several industrial projects, including avionic projects. These critical developments have to conform to regulations aiming to maximize systems robustness and safety. As every elements produced in this kind of process, the models used for specification and design have to be carefully checked. We will focus on a particular class of properties that have to be verified, and that can be expressed using OCL : the static semantic properties. The OCL tools of TOPCASED, thanks to the MDT OCL engine, answer the needs of development engineers. They provide means to edit and debug OCL rules, to evaluate those rules on any EMF model, to publish and deploy them in multiple contexts, to consult and extract the results of evaluations, and finally to launch automatic non-regression tests on models. In this presentation, you will discover those tools, among which several may become Eclipse components.

Pierre Gaufillet is a Software Engineering Specialist at Airbus in Toulouse since 2001, where he defines development methods and supports software engineers working on avionic applications and flight simulators. Advocating open source strategy and model driven engineering for years, he is also involved in TOPCASED and OPEES initiatives - aiming to provide and maintain a complete CASE (Computer Aided System Engineering) in open source. When Pierre is not talking about computer sciences, you may find him trekking or climbing in unlikely places.

Sebastien Gabel is a software engineer at Communication & Systems in Toulouse. Specialized in model driven engineering and eclipse development, he is working with various modeling technologies such as EMF, GEF, GMF, UML2, OCL, ATL since 2006. He actively participates in TOPCASED evolution and enhancement as the responsible for sub-projects Topcased SAM (SART-like modeling tools) and OCL Tools (TOPCASED Validation Framework). Apart modeling engines, Sebastien is also fond of combustion engines.

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