Update on the Eclipse Gyrex project

Gunnar Wagenknecht (Tasktop )

Other, N&N · Short
Thursday, 15:10, 20 minutes | Seminarräume 2-4


Interested in Equinox server applications? Get an update on the Eclipse Gyrex project and learn about its current state ant the implemented capabilities. We have some exciting news for you about additional support from an existing Eclipse project that will merge into Gyrex.

Gyrex provides a set of frameworks and tools around Equinox to allow seamless and pain-free operation of Equinox server clusters and applications. This session will give you an overview of the working features and talk about the road-map towards a 1.0 release.

Gunnar is a software engineer who loves server and application architectures especially those involving Equinox/OSGi. In his primary role at AGETO he is thrilled to work on open source software, emerging platforms and technologies and to help companies understand Eclipse and OSGi and execute on their business objectives in an open source context. He is a very active member of the Eclipse Community and a prolific contributor with many years of experience on numerous Eclipse projects; Gunnar is also a member of the Technology PMC which he represents on the Eclipse Architecture Council. Apart from Eclipse he also loves chatting about fishing, diving and family over a good beer or a glass of dry, barrel aged red wine.

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