Java EE Development with Eclipse: Today and Tomorrow

Doug Clarke (Oracle ), Konstantin Komissarchik (Oracle ), Shaun Smith (Oracle )

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Wednesday, 14:20, 40 minutes | Wilhelm-Kramer-Zimmer


The upcoming Java EE 6 release will include updates to a number of popular technologies including JPA and JSF. Java EE 6 is a focus for WTP in the Helios release, June 2010, but some EE 6 support will be available sooner. This session will provide an introduction to new JPA 2.0 features coming in EclipseLink 2.0, support for JPA 2.0 in the upcoming Dali Java Persistence tools project release, and JSF 2.0 Facelet support coming from the Web Tools Platform JSF project.

In addition to leading the Java EE 6 focused EclipseLink, Dali, and the JSF projects, Oracle also provides Eclipse plugins in the free Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) that deliver additional support for JPA, Web, and Database development. This session will provide a brief introduction to OEPE's unique features and it's support for development and deployment to the Oracle database and WebLogic server.

Doug Clarke is a Director of Product Management for Oracle Application Server\'s Java Persistence solutions and the co-lead of the EclipseLink Project. Doug also is a member of the RT PMC and Architecture council at Eclipse. Doug has extensive enterprise development, consulting, and educational field experience in the areas of object-relational persistence, data access, and systems integration. Doug brings together concrete experiences from projects of various sizes and industries with a practical approach to design, testing, and performance tuning.

Konstantin is a Consulting Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle working on commercial and open source Eclipse-based tooling. He has been a committer on the Web Tools Platform since before its first release. He has designed and implemented the Faceted Project Framework which made it possible for people to easily extend capabilities of WTP projects. He currently spends most of his time working on semantic modeling and declarative UI, but don't assume that he is working with EMF. In his prior life, he has worked on compilers, custom servers and network protocol design. He graduated from the University of Washington with BS in Computer Science.

Shaun Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community. He's Ecosystem Development Lead for the EclipseLink Project and a committer on the Eclipse EMF Teneo and Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. He’s currently involved with the development of persistence services for OSGi and TopLink Grid, which integrates Oracle Coherence with Oracle TopLink to provide "JPA on the Grid".

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