SWT Platform on Qt (Overview and Demo)

Christian Campo (compeople AG )

Other, N&N · Short
Thursday, 16:00, 20 minutes | Seminarräume 2-4


SWT, the Standard Widget Toolkit, is known for being a very thin layer on top of the various operating system specifc APIs for everything in the UI. SWT applications therefore always inherit the look of the platform on which they operate. The E4 project currently does a lot in the direction of styling, customizing the look and so on, on top of the existing SWT implementation. This talk will present a completely different approach, creating a new SWT platform on top of the well-know Qt library from Nokia/Trolltech. With SWT on top of Qt you have many more styling options. Qt has its own very advanced CSS implementation. It allows to put gradients on buttons, scrollbars or have text fields with rounded corners. Options that are long known in the web space for browser applications but still missing in the desktop space for SWT application until now. So once there is a SWT platform on top of Qt, you can continue to run your RCP, Eclipse applications but benefit from the new styling capabilites. The talk will present the concepts, the pitfalls and chances of such an implementation and intend to show a number of demos of the resulting platform.

Christian Campo is IT-consultant at compeople AG. Working for years in the field of Java-EE, he is responsible for the development of innovative online-applications and service-oriented architectures. Christian is the project lead for the Eclipse Riena project, an Eclipse Foundation project to provide the platform for building multi-tier enterprise client/server applications.


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