Wednesday, November 19

TimeBürgersaal 1SchubartsaalSeminarräume 1-4Silchersaal
09:00 Next Generation Embedded Software - The Imperative is Agility! (Bürgersaal 1)

10:00 SOA Tools - New and Noteworthy

Writing Code Analysis and Refactoring tools with the CDT Apogee update & directions Implementing Screen Flows in Eclipse RCP Applications
10:25 TCF: The Target Communication Framework From Grid to Cloud computing Deploying Eclipse Modelling on an industrial scale with software factories.
11:00 Eclipse project update

Riena Project Update Model transformation, abilities and perspectives through ATL and Declarative QVT Deploying using p2 at Airbus
11:25 BPEL Designer - Web Service Orchestration with Eclipse Next generation textual DSLs with Xtext Enabling Test-First Development for GUI
12:00 Web Tools Platform Project Update

Eclipse and the Google Summer of Code 2008 Aspect Weaving for OSGi Open Source As Part of a Successful Product Strategy

12:25 Higgins Identity Framework Service Discovery and Remote Services with the Eclipse Communication Framework
12:50 Lunch (Foyer)

14:00 Extending Eclipse for Globally Distributed Teams: Building Jazz with Jazz

What's new in Plug-in Development? The DSDP Mobile Tools for Java Project Automated RCP GUI Testing
14:25 What's new in CDT 5.0 Introducing Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) for Embedded C/C++ within Eclipse Data Models at Eclipse
15:00 Best Practices for Equinox and OSGi

Agile testing of graphical user interfaces CANCELLED: m2eclipse: Present and Future Team Work with Models : Compare and Merge with EMF Compare
15:25 Open System Engineering Environment - An Integrated Solution Eclipse Babel CDO Model Repository - An Update
16:00 Single Sourcing: Extend your RCP Application to the Web with RAP DTP 2008 Roadmap

Eclipse MTL : a Real Standard Alternative for Code Generation Eclipse on Rails: RCP at the Swiss Railway

16:25 E4 - The model workbench - The current design state [New and Noteworthy] What the heck has Eclipse JCR Management to offer?
17:00 RT project demo Graphical Business Rules Management - Shown with the Business Case "Data Cleansing at Eurex" What's New in MDT? Eclipse as an integration platform for model-based product development in the insurance industry
17:25 EclipseLink: High-Performance Java Persistence RAP vs GWT - Which AJAX Technology is for You? Subversive Project: Past Milestones and New Horizons 3D product optimization in a role based client using connectors to different backend systems via SOA-Engine
17:50 Poster Reception (Foyer)

19:30 BOFs (TBA)

20:45 BOFs (TBA)


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