Thursday, November 20

TimeBürgersaal 1SchubartsaalSeminarräume 1-4Silchersaal
09:00 Why Should the Mobile World Go Open Source? (Bürgersaal 1)

10:00 The Unbearable Stupidity of Modeling

Building it all with Buckminster The Riena User Interface Rapid Refactoring Engine Development Using Ludwig, Eclipse, and the LTK

10:25 Facelet Support in Gaynmede SMILA - SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture
11:00 Equinox p2: provisioning your world

Making Money with Eclipse: A Survivor's Guide

IAM new & noteworthy ECF Inside and Out
11:25 Open Financial Market Platform (OFMP) : The road to OSGi Ecore Tools Update and Roadmap
12:00 API Tooling in Eclipse IP for Eclipse Committers

Tigerstripe Workbench: Integrated Model-Driven Engineering Writing Datacentric applications with RCP+EMF+Databinding

12:25 Mylyn 3.0 New & Noteworthy The CloudFree Commerce Platform
12:50 Lunch (Foyer)

14:00 Modeling Amalgam as a DSL Toolkit

News from EPP: The custom Eclipse download and extending the Usage Data Collector equinox for the millions Eclipse Swordfish — an Open Source SOA Runtime Framework for the Enterprise
14:25 Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) Technology Project Build Automation With Buckminster Eclipse Memory Analyzer – More Than Just a Heap Walker
15:00 Whats New With BIRT 2.3

Smooth transition to Eclipse in practice Eclipse Silverlight Development Toolkit - SLDT DSDP Ganymede Update

15:25 Equinox Hackathon Wrap-up

Artus - An Eclipse based Design Tool for Automotive Applications
16:00 Closing Session (Bürgersaal 1)

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