Open Source As Part of a Successful Product Strategy

Paul Clenahan

Ecosystem Expertise Talks · Long
Wednesday, 12:00, 50 minutes | Silchersaal


Incorporating open source as part of your product strategy can bring substantial benefits to both you as a vendor, and your customers. This session takes a real world look at how Actuate, a successful enterprise software vendor, has leveraged open source as a key element of their product strategy by sponsoring and utilizing the BIRT project. The session explores different approaches to open source and the pros and cons of each, the approach Actuate has taken, and what steps need to be taken to ensure that the strategy is successful.

Paul Clenahan is a founding member of the Eclipse BIRT Project and a member of the BIRT Project PMC (Project Management Committee), the coordination and strategic planning group that leads the project. BIRT ( is one of the most popular open source Business Intelligence projects, with a rapidly growing community of users leveraging BIRT reporting in a wide variety of applications. Paul has over 20 years experience in the enterprise business intelligence industry working in a variety of Product Management and consulting roles with diverse customer applications. In addition to his BIRT project role, Paul is VP of Product Management at Actuate and is responsible for coordinating overall product direction and vision for Actuate Corporation based on emerging technology trends, market demands, customer feedback and internal innovation. Paul is also a member of the Eclipse Foundation Requirements Council. Paul holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Edinburgh University, Scotland

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