Riena Project Update

Christian Campo

New & Noteworthy Talks · Short
Wednesday, 11:00, 25 minutes | Schubartsaal


Eclipse RCP forms a solid and sound basis for building rich client applications. As this platform matures, it begins to attract interest from the enterrprise world. The typical scenario for enterprise applications involves multi-tiered platforms with a strong emphasis on a sophisticated enduser oriented UI and robust backend data processing such as workflow and high volume data storage. Riena was created to bridge the gap between those kind of applications and Eclipse RCP. The goal of Riena is to address the additional requirements whilst leveraging the proven features of RCP. Using Equinox on client and server using the same concepts and programming model on client and server make this new type of enterprise applications such an attractive approach. Riena supplies easy and transparent access to local and remote components using OSGi Services. It contains a new Business Process oriented user interface based on a DOM like application model. The talk has a strong emphasis on showing demos and code and how everyone can easily built distributed applications based on Riena. The talk demos: - transparent access to local and remote OSGi services - easily moving a local component to the remote server (with little to no change on the client) - the new enduser oriented UI - the new navigation model - introduces Ridgets - how Eclipse features are used to clearly separate Model, View and Controller, how Riena uses JFace databinding and validation (as time permits we show more)

Christian Campo is IT-consultant at compeople AG. Working for years in the field of Java-EE, he is responsible for the development of innovative online-applications and service-oriented architectures. Christian is the project lead for the Eclipse Riena project, an Eclipse Foundation project to provide the platform for building multi-tier enterprise client/server applications.


Riena ESE 2008
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