Open Financial Market Platform (OFMP) : The road to OSGi

Aleksey Aristov, Frederic Conrotte

New & Noteworthy Talks · Short
Thursday, 11:25, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 1-4


The OFMP project focus on deals capture, real-time position keeping, profit and loss computations, pricing tools and reports. It connects to banks' back and front-office systems to monitor daily operations while interacting with risk management platforms. The talk starts with a general project overview and an update on the project status following last year presentation. In the second part we will talk about our experience moving the project from a traditional JEE solution to the Equinox/OSGi platform.

Aleksey Aristov is research & development director at WeigleWilczek GmbH. As a OFMP project co-lead he is interested in SOA, OSGi and domain specific languages. Also he is a CTO and co-founder of Cloud Services, a company that makes migration towards cloud computing easier.

Frederic Conrotte is OFMP co-project lead and software architect in Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg. He is interested in Middleware Message Oriented (MOM) and Components Oriented Architectures. He is as well co-founder and CTO of Covariance, a company focusing on Financial Markets products and services.

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