Enabling Test-First Development for GUI

Matthias Kempka

Ecosystem Expertise Talks · Short
Wednesday, 11:25, 25 minutes | Silchersaal


Testing Eclipse GUIs still is an elaborate and extensive task. There are two ways to get the task done: Record-and-play and programming by hand. Test-first programmers usually prefer to program their tests by hand instead of using record-and-play tools, which are typically used by test departments that construct large functional test suites.
When programming UI tests by hand, the programmer is let alone mainly with SWT Robots. While they are great tools to find and use widgets, they naturally can't find their controllers like the the JFace Viewers and the Workbench ViewParts. In test-first development this becomes a problem because the programming level for test and productive code is at a different abstraction level.
Matthias Kempka has found a way to implement a JFace/Workbench Robot. It finds JFace Viewers for SWT elements and eases the testing with views and editors. Declarative UI Elements become accessible for programmed tests. In his talk Matthias Kempka shows how he uses the JFace/Workbench Robot to develop GUI components in Eclipse test-driven and gives an introduction to the key ideas that make the Robot work.

Matthias Kempka is a TDD developer. He got involved with Eclipse when he created the code coverage tool Coverlipse. After being sucked in by the Eclipse world, he started to work for Innoopract where he applies his interest in test driven development to Eclipse technologies. There he found the need for a JFace/Workbench Robot and started developing one. He is involved with the Yoxos development, does consulting and gives RCP trainings.


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