The CloudFree Commerce Platform

Gunnar Wagenknecht

New & Noteworthy Talks · Short
Thursday, 12:25, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 1-4


E-Commerce has become an integral part of today's ecosystem and is material to many organizations businesses. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Internet. More and more organizations (manufacturers, retailer, education, travel and many others) are looking at e-commerce as a cost effective and reliable channel to sell goods and services to businesses and consumers. Unlike a few years ago, the e-commerce initiatives are no longer seen as side track or pilots. As the internet usage grows exponentially with increasing bandwidths and more and more internet enabled devices - the development of integrated, extendable e-commerce platforms is becoming critical to future growth for any organization. This includes not only traditional business, but also public organizations and governments, any educational organization or even charity. Everywhere an internet transaction is performed, it is safe to talk about "e-commerce" now.

The CloudFree Commerce Platform is a new project for creating an open, dynamic and extensible platform for e-commerce solutions of all kind. By using Equinox and CODA we define a new platform that is designed from the beginning to gain leverage from the key advantages of Equinox and CODA - flexibility, extensibility and community.

This talk will introduce you to the CloudFree vision and given an overview of what CloudFree is all about. While the first half of the talk will be mostly slide driven, we also want to show what people can expect from CloudFree by running a demo and going over some code during the second half of the talk.

Gunnar is a software engineer who loves server and application architectures especially those involving Equinox/OSGi. In his primary role at AGETO he is thrilled to work on open source software, emerging platforms and technologies and to help companies understand Eclipse and OSGi and execute on their business objectives in an open source context. He is a very active member of the Eclipse Community and a prolific contributor with many years of experience on numerous Eclipse projects; Gunnar is also a member of the Technology PMC which he represents on the Eclipse Architecture Council. Apart from Eclipse he also loves chatting about fishing, diving and family over a good beer or a glass of dry, barrel aged red wine.


The CloudFree Commerce Platform
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