Subversive Project: Past Milestones and New Horizons

Nick Entin

Ganymede Talks · Short
Wednesday, 17:25, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 1-4


In scope of this session you can take a closer look on the Subversive project, which is aimed to provide integrated Subversion (SVN) support for Eclipse users. Subversive is an Eclipse Technology Project, which reached this summer a first important milestone after migrating under umbrella – it became a part of Ganymede Simultaneous Release. This session will give you quick overview of project status and plans as well as a quick tour of the new features in Subversive.

Covered topics:

  • Community report: what was planned and what was achieved
  • Features tour: SVN 1.5 on target
  • Plans: new goals and milestones
  • Auditory:
    Everyone, who use or want to learn more about Subversive, or just have an interest to version control systems.

    Nick Entin is VP Development at Polarion Software. Over a year he is responsible for supervision of the Subversive project. Besides Subversive, Nick is responsible for all aspects of the company's software development activities.

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