Next generation textual DSLs with Xtext

Jan Koehnlein, Peter Friese, Sven Efftinge (itemis AG )

Technology Talks · Short
Wednesday, 11:25, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 1-4


Xtext is a framework for developing textual domain-specific languages (DSL). Given an EBNF-like grammar, Xtext automatically generates an Ecore metamodel, a rich-featured, fully configurable DSL-editor, and the skeleton of a code generator based on Xpand. Xtext is a component in the Modeling/TMF subproject, and it is planned to be part of Eclipse Galileo. In this demo, we explain the core concepts of the Xtext such as language inheritance, metamodel import, metamodel generation and validation. We also demonstrate the generated editor's features like code completion, syntax highlighting, navigation, and folding, and show how the user can override the default functionality. Finally, we feed an exemplary code generator with the models created using the editor, thereby demonstrating Xtext's capability for agile domain-driven development.

Dr. Jan Köhnlein is working as software architect and consultant for itemis AG in Kiel (Germany). He has earned several years of experience in developing tools for model-driven software development, e.g. Poseidon for UML and Apollo for Eclipse (both Gentleware AG). He is a committer for the Eclipse Modeling Project and openArchitectureWare.

Peter Friese is a software architect for itemis in Kiel. He is a committer for the open source projects openArchitectureWare, Eclipse Modeling, FindBugs, and AndroMDA. As a software engineer and software architect, Peter has worked on a variety of industry projects in different domains such as banking, aerospace and transport. Peter is the author of various articles on the topics of Eclipse, Spring, and model-driven software development and gives lectures on these themes at software conferences.

Sven Efftinge works as consultant, coach and developer and leads a lab of itemis AG in Kiel, Germany. His focus is on domain-specific modelling, generator development and Eclipse technologies - Sven has developed the languages and core of openArchitectureWare 4 as well as the Xtext framework. Always looking for new technologies and concepts which help reducing complexity in enterprise software systems, he can help looking through the maze of the latest hypes. Sven is also a speaker on software conferences, co-author of a book and writes articles for magazines.

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