Eclipse in the Banking Industry

Aleksey Aristov, Joern Weigle (Suprematic Solutions UGmbH )

· Symposium
Tuesday, 14:00, 4 hours | Seminarräume 5


Eclipse is being used extensively by some of the major banks and financial institutions in the world. Many are using Eclipse as a tools integration platform for their developers and several are building applications using Eclipse RCP, BIRT, EMF etc. The Open Financial Markets Platform Project aims on providing tools, modules and frameworks for developers of banking applications. We would like to share experiences banks have made with Eclipse technology and identify demand for future open source developments for the banking industry.

In order to participate, you have to write a position paper (minimum two pages, maximum ten pages) that raises an issue, describes a problem or sketches a solution that should be discussed at the forum.
The contribution may be provided in PDF format only, should be licensed under EPL and needs to be sent to the organizers (see below) by November 25.

There is no specific topic list for the symposium and the following topics are therefore just possible points of interest:
- Existing Risk Management Solutions
- Transactional Security, e.g. validation and verification of deals
- Scalability and straight-throughput processing
- GUI frameworks for the banking industry
- Cloud Computing in the Banking Industry
- %u2026

Important Dates
- Initial Paper Submission: October 31, 2008
- Acceptance Notification: November 7, 2008
- Workshop: November 18, 2008

Aleksey Aristov is research & development director at WeigleWilczek GmbH. As a OFMP project co-lead he is interested in SOA, OSGi and domain specific languages. Also he is a CTO and co-founder of Cloud Services, a company that makes migration towards cloud computing easier.

Dr. Weigle is managing partner of WeigleWilczek and in charge of the IT consulting services as well as the company's finance, human resources and marketing management. He is also driver of the Eclipse Training Alliance.

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