Discount Registrations for Eclipse Members

Eclipse Members (employees of member companies of Eclipse) are entitled to discount registration at EclipseCon. These discount registrations are provided through discount codes. Please wait for or retrieve your discount code(s) before registering; if you are using a discount registration, please do not register until you have received a discount code.

Obtain your member discount code from your Eclipse representative (the person who works for your company and is the official contact with the Eclipse Foundation) or by asking our online form to email the code to you.

Please note that Eclipse member discount codes are not transferable (i.e., they cannot be used by people who are not employees of that Eclipse member company).

Step-by-Step Instructions For Discount Registration

Please read and follow these instructions carefully and completely:
  1. First... you go the member discount code retrieval form and enter your email address. The registration system uses your email address to determine which Eclipse member company you work for and emails you the correct discount code.

  2. Then... Go to the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 registration system.

  3. On the first page, select the "A1. All Access Pass" attendee role at (1) and enter your discount code in (2).
  4. If you receive the error message "The coupon code you entered has reached its maximum number of uses." please check that you selected "All Access Pass" at (1). If you selected any of the other attendee roles, your discount code will fail with that (somewhat confusing) error message.
  5. If you receive the error message "We cannot find the coupon code you entered. Please re-enter the code and try again or contact an event representative." please check that you entered the discount code correctly at (2). Capitalization and extra white space are significant, so the discount code must be exactly the code as emailed to you.
  6. Continue normally through the rest of the registration process and your registration will automatically be correctly discounted. Your registration will not be complete until you have paid the remaining balance.

  7. If these instructions do not help, please contact us (see below).
Should you have any problems or questions that these instructions do not answer, please contact EclipseCon 2008 Operations by email or phone (+1-503-252-5458).

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