TE RC Car: Building Embedded AUTOSAR with Eclipse

Hauke Wintjen (TietoEnator)

Thursday, 12:00, 30 minutes | Silchersaal    presentation file




Hauke Wintjen

AUTOSAR is an emerging standard in the automotive sector aiming at unified software architecture for in-car processing components (ECUs). Besides standardization of software components, it involves generating code from a model based specification.

TietoEnator (TE) is one of the largest IT services and consulting company in Europe. Its business development decided to focus on AUTOSAR as an area to concentrate on and to expand the business. In order to be able to demonstrate the Know How TE has, the TE RC Car was built. This car was made to be shown at exhibitions, in order to gain visitors' attention. It is an RC controlled car equipped with an embedded CPU core showing a collision avoidance application built in an AUTOSAR conforming way.

All tools used for development of the TE RC Car were open source software. Some of the tools were:
  • Eclipse CDT
  • Eclipse EMF
  • OpenArchitectureWare

This presentation will:
  • Give a short introduction to AUTOSAR
  • Show the tools and the process used to build the TE RC Car; and
  • Especially explain the generating of the so-called AUTOSAR RTE (Run Time Environment)
The presentation will also discuss the experience gained on the used tool chain, give hints on selecting “good” open source tools and show some important aspects of model based development.

The RC Car will be shown on the Eclipse Summit 2007. Look out for live demonstrations!

Hauke Wintjen works as a senior technical consultant in the automotive and manufacturing division for TietoEnator. His area of expertise lies in model driven software development, software architecture and requirements engineering in embedded systems. Hauke holds a diploma in computer science of the University of Bonn. He worked on several successful projects in the automotive and telecommunication industry in the past ten years. His strong commitment to open source convinced Hauke to get deeper into Eclipse as a possible integration platform for software lifecycle support.

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