Test Driven GUI Tests with GUIdancer

Hans-Joachim Brede (BREDEX)

Wednesday, 17:00, 30 minutes | Schubartsaal    presentation file




Hans-Joachim Brede

GUIdancer is an Eclipse RCP based automated GUI testing tool for applications written in Java or HTML. The version we will demo will support testing of GUIs implemented using Swing/AWT, SWT/RCP and HTML. The focus will be on some key features of GUIdancer.

We will show how easy it is to create and maintain well structured and reusable tests, how to deal with simple GUI objects like buttons or text fields and with more complex components like trees, tables and so on. Every part of these tests can be shared between different software projects using a library of test cases approach. Even while this technique requires analytical thinking when designing the test cases, no programming is involved.

GUIdancer allows integration into modern and agile software development processes. While the software under test is growing, the tests are growing in parallel. We will show how to create more complex tests by simply combining small building blocks to bigger ones and how to specify test cases for parts of the application under test not even implemented yet.

The demo will use either Eclipse or an Eclipse plug-in as application under test. (GUIdancer itself is GUIdancer tested). We will demonstrate how robust the tests are against different kind of changes in the application under test. In a scenario where an application under test is implemented as rich client (RCP or Swing) and additionally as a Web client, tests can be reused without any change.

In a nutshell we will show a way to extend the test driven approach used with (for example) JUnit tests into the GUI domain while keeping the necessary resources at a reasonable level.

Additional information about the product is available at www.guidancer.com.

Hans-Joachim Brede is the founder of BREDEX GmbH and is one of its managing directors. He has implemented and managed multiple, highly complex customer projects and is responsible for the concepts in the development of the automated test tool GUIdancer. Hans holds a Master in Computer Science and was working with the University of Braun-schweig and Digital Equipment as a technical consultant.

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