Best Practice SOA goes Eclipse

Ricco Deutscher (SOPERA)

Wednesday, 11:00, 30 minutes | Silchersaal    presentation file




Ricco Deutscher

Today, commercial SOA products are lacking important characteristics of an ESB. Product neutrality, incremental adaptability, and standard compliance are key characteristics to achieve customer value. Commercial vendors are usually conflicted in providing products with these characteristics. Therefore Deutsche Post developed an own ESB, but this was a bespoke solution and not available on the market.

Open Source ESBs offered just another technology, but did not solve the user problem. As Eclipse recently extended its scope to the server side, and SOA became a strategic pillar of Eclipse. Deutsche Post and SOPERA selected the Eclipse Foundation as partner for its open source strategy due to two reasons, (1) OSGi provides important technological advantages and (2) Eclipse provide appropriate governance structure to build joint releases and a future server-side stack.

The goal of the project is an SOA Enterprise Service Bus based on a framework/plug-in concept and on OSGi. Industry-leading software firms are supporting SOPERA in this project as all have the same goal – providing an open source OSGi-based Enterprise Service Bus incorporating both SOA standards – JBI and SCA. There is a growing number of other Eclipse projects aligning with the “SOA Runtime Framework”, e.g. Equinox, EclipseLink, ALF, OSEE. A first milestone release is available by the end of 2007, the first Eclipse production release is available mid of 2008. Vendors are encouraged to leverage this technology to provide added-value components and services.

Dr. Ricco Deutscher is Founder, Managing Director and CTO of SOPERA GmbH. The mission of SOPERA is to support major corporations in building service-oriented architectures (SOA) by offering both software and services based on open source SOA platform. Prior to joining SOPERA, Dr. Deutscher worked for four years as a business consultant and IT expert at McKinsey. Before that, he worked for three years at SAP AG as a Software Architect and three years as Managing Director in a technology company for Electronic Marketing. Dr. Deutscher studied physics at the Universities of Leipzig and Moscow until 1989, and graduated in Theoretical Physics at the University of Hanover in 1993.

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