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namesort ascending Organization Job title Interests
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]'s picture Carsten Ziegeler Adobe
Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]'s picture Sebastian Zarnekow itemis Xtext Committer
Mike Wrighton [Mentor Graphics]'s picture Mike Wrighton Mentor Graphics Software Engineer
Stefan Winkler [Freelancer]'s picture Stefan Winkler Freelancer Software Developer & IT Consultant Modeling, EMF, CDO
Florian Wininger [Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal]'s picture Florian Wininger Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal Master student Performance analysis. Software engineering. Security.
Michael Williams [Actuate]'s picture Michael Williams Actuate BIRT Evangelist
Paul Webster [IBM Canada]'s picture Paul Webster IBM Canada Platform UI Team Lead
Tim Webb [Genuitec, LLC]'s picture Tim Webb Genuitec, LLC Director, Innovation & Strategy Eclipse, OSGi, Cloud Computing, Private Clouds, Open Source, Development Methodologies, Architectures
Thomas Watson [IBM]'s picture Thomas Watson IBM Senior Software Engineer - Equinox Lead
Greg Watson [ORNL]'s picture Greg Watson ORNL Senior Research Scientist
John Ward [Actuate]'s picture John Ward Actuate BIRT, Magic, Jiu-Jitsu
Klara Ward [Oracle]'s picture Klara Ward Oracle Java Mission Control developer and release engineer
Ken Walker [IBM Canada]'s picture Ken Walker IBM Canada Co-lead of the Eclipse Orion Project Family, Cooking, Cycling, African drumming, Avant-garde music, Travelling, LARPing.
Florian Waibel [EclipseSource]'s picture Florian Waibel EclipseSource Software Developer OSGi, Virgo, Cloud Computing
Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop]'s picture Gunnar Wagenknecht Tasktop Special Operations Runtimes, OSGi, Big Data, Web
Michael Vorburger [TEMENOS]'s picture Michael Vorburger TEMENOS Product Manager, Design Studio, TEMENOS The Banking Software Company Modeling, hacking culture, humanitarian, opensource, people
Kris De Volder [Pivotal]'s picture Kris De Volder Pivotal Software Developer
Lars Vogel [vogella GmbH]'s picture Lars Vogel vogella GmbH CEO vogella GmbH
Julien Vermillard [Sierra Wireless]'s picture Julien Vermillard Sierra Wireless Sr Software Eng. M2M IWG, IoT, Linux, network programming, DIY, embedded development, Java, C, Go
Tim Verbelen [Ghent University - iMinds]'s picture Tim Verbelen Ghent University - iMinds Research Engineer Concierge, OSGi, IoT, Cloud Computing, Android
Eike Stepper [ES - Computersysteme]'s picture Eike Stepper ES - Computersysteme President Modeling, Architecture, Good Design, Collaboration
Patrick Steele-Idem [eBay]'s picture Patrick Steele-Idem eBay Senior Platform Architect JavaScript, Node.js, open source, web application development frameworks and libraries
Holger Staudacher [EclipseSource]'s picture Holger Staudacher EclipseSource Software Engineer TDD, REST, OSGi and other stuff related to coding...
Greg Stachnick [Oracle]'s picture Greg Stachnick Oracle Senior Principle Product Manager
Manu Sridharan [Samsung Research America]'s picture Manu Sridharan Samsung Research America Senior Staff 1 Engineer
Mark Spritzler [Perfect World Programming LLC and Z4 Poker]'s picture Mark Spritzler Perfect World Programming LLC and Z4 Poker Chief Software Architect Guitar, Skiing, and Software design
Ian Skerrett [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Ian Skerrett Eclipse Foundation Vice President of Marketing and Ecosystem
Shay Shmeltzer [Oracle]'s picture Shay Shmeltzer Oracle Director of Product Management
Remi Schnekenburger [CEA LIST]'s picture Remi Schnekenburger CEA LIST Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead UML, Model-driven Software Development, Modeling
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]'s picture Alexandra Schladebeck BREDEX GmbH Head of Test Consulting Testing, usability, agile processes
Holger Schill [Itemis]'s picture Holger Schill Itemis Xtext Committer
Doug Schaefer [QNX Software Systems/BlackBerry]'s picture Doug Schaefer QNX Software Systems/BlackBerry Development Tools Architect Eclipse CDT, making the IDE great, LLVM, JavaFX
Srikanth Sankaran [IBM India Pvt Ltd]'s picture Srikanth Sankaran IBM India Pvt Ltd Software Architect Programming languages, compilers, tools, static and dynamic program analysis.
Manuel Sangoï [Sierra Wireless]'s picture Manuel Sangoï Sierra Wireless
Dan Rubel [Google]'s picture Dan Rubel Google Software Developer Dart (, Mindstorms & FLL (, (
Denis Roy [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]'s picture Denis Roy Eclipse Foundation, Inc. IT Director
Andrew Ross [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Andrew Ross Eclipse Foundation Director, Ecosystem Development Cool technology & especially geospatial, VoIP, and Video. Astronomy, Biking, and reading a good book.
Jan S. Rellermeyer [IBM Research]'s picture Jan S. Rellermeyer IBM Research Research Scientist OSGi, embedded systems, cloud computing, distributed systems, operating systems, mobile computing, language runtime systems
Xavier Raynaud [Kalray]'s picture Xavier Raynaud Kalray Integrated Development Environment Architect LinuxTools, CDT, RCP, Traces, Profiling, Embedded Systems, multicore
Pascal Rapicault [Rapicorp]'s picture Pascal Rapicault Rapicorp Founder at Rapicorp Eclipse IDE Continuous Integration Docker
Aurelien Pupier [Bonitasoft S.A.]'s picture Aurelien Pupier Bonitasoft S.A. R&D Engineer - Development Leader EMF, GMF, Modeling, Performance, Release Engineering, BPM (Business Process Management)
Christian Pontesegger [Infineon Technologies Austria AG]'s picture Christian Pontesegger Infineon Technologies Austria AG Staff Contactless Engineer Eclipse, Scripting, Sports
Shawn Pearce [Google]'s picture Shawn Pearce Google Software Engineer
Terry Parker [Google]'s picture Terry Parker Google Software Engineer
Emilio Palmiero [Ericsson]'s picture Emilio Palmiero Ericsson Software Developer Eclipse, p2, ALM
Andreas Olofsson [Adapteva]'s picture Andreas Olofsson Adapteva CEO massively parallel computing, disruptive programming styles, embedded, energy efficient computing, biologically inspired computing, tennis, hiking, running
Tobias Oberlies [SAP AG]'s picture Tobias Oberlies SAP AG
Alexander Nyßen [itemis AG]'s picture Alexander Nyßen itemis AG Principal Engineer - GEF Project Lead