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Share, Compare and Merge your models with EMF Compare

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Standard [35 minutes]

Did you ever try to share EMF models in your Version Control System like Git or Subversion? Did you ever stumble while launching your favorite merge tool on XMI files? Did you ever cry after fetching remote non conflicting changes then discover they broke some links in your model? Your misery can not be solved without raising the level of abstraction when comparing and merging models. This is precisely the goal of EMF Compare: raising the comparison and merge process to the semantic level instead of the serialization one.

This led us to think about how the differences should be differently displayed to the user and how the scope of the comparison has to be outlined. EMF Compare 2 is the result of this overhaul. During this talk, you will discover how the new GUI lets you understand what really happens to your models instead of comparing cryptic XML files.

Among other things, you will learn:

Finally, you will learn the best practices to let EMF Compare protect the integrity of your models.

This talk will be supported by live demonstration of the EMF Compare tooling. All of the material will be available on GitHub shortly after the talk.

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