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EclipseCon France Call for Papers

Welcome to the first EclipseCon France! Submissions are closed for 2013, but we have left this page up so you can see how we do things.

After several years of successful one-day events in France, it was time to organize a bigger gathering with more talks, workshops, and social networking. We want this first edition of EclipseCon France to be a great success, and for this, we need you! We encourage you to submit a talk if you have a great story to tell on the following themes:

  • Eclipse in the Industry. Many industry players rely on open-source software and Eclipse technologies to build their solutions. There are many architectural, technical, and sometimes social challenges to overcome for these solutions to be successful, and we want feedback from the trenches of automotive, aerospace, embedded, and more.
  • Community and Business Models. The Eclipse community is a flourishing ecosystem of passionate individuals and industries who are collaborating on a day-to-day basis to deliver world-class platforms. A recent example of successful collaboration is the creation of the Eclipse Industry Working Groups (IWGs).
  • Mobile and Web Development. Eclipse is used by more and more web and mobile developers, and we would like to hear from people who have built real-life applications in these domains using Eclipse technologies.
  • Cool Stuff. Do you have a project you want to talk about that just doesn't fit in one of the other categories? Is there an Eclipse or open-source technology that helped you or your customers solve a problem? Don't be shy; submit a proposal! We all like to hear about new things.

We have designed EclipseCon France to maximize the opportunity to meet other attendees, visit the sponsors, and get updated on what the community is doing. The program organization is simple. All talks are 35 minutes long, scheduled into a 45-minute time slot. All workshops are two hours long and offered on one morning. Please note that the conference language is English. Before submitting, please read the Submission FAQS and the Speaker FAQs. If you have any questions after reading these, contact us. In the submission system we have set up Tracks (categories) to help categorize the speaker proposals. Please select one of the following Tracks for your proposal.

  • Eclipse in the Industry
  • Community and Business Models
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Cool Stuff

If you aren't sure which Track is the best fit for your submission, just take a best guess and the program committee may change it later. There's no "wrong" type of submission and we want the conference to be appealing to a large audience. If you think your topic is interesting, there's a good chance the program committee will too! The two submission system Talk Types are

  • Standard (35 minutes)
  • Workshop (105 minutes)

These members of the Eclipse community comprise the program committee:

  • Benjamin Cabé (chair)
  • Gaël Blondelle
  • Ignacio Garro
  • Pierre Gaufillet
  • Mickael Istria
  • Andreas Unger

Important Dates

  • February 12, 2013: submissions open
  • April 8, 2013: early-bird submission deadline
  • April 15, 2013, 23:59 CET: submissions close