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Qualification :
MSc Advance Software Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK
BE, Information Science, VTU University, Karnataka, India
Work Experience:
2005-2006: Genesys Solutions (Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield)
2006 till date: Robert Bosch India
I started developing interest in Eclipse right from my University and I happen to be lucky to continue working in Eclipse till date.
Domain being Automotive (AUTOSAR mainly), have worked on EMF, GMF, GEF, RCP, RAP, JET, ARTOP, Sphinx, MWE..etc
Implementing features for configuration, modeling, code generation..etc
Off late I happen to get to work on POC’s for IOT and M2M use cases and now trying to apply my experience in Eclipse in solving problems
In these areas.
bye for now

Robert Bosch India