Daniele Gagliardi [Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.]

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Programming languages & languages, trekking on Alps & Dolomites, playing guitar and several other instruments (but I still remain a newbie :-)), playing with my children, reading books and listening music (classical, rock, blues, opera, italian)

Job title

Technical Manager


I'm employed at Engineering Group since 2000. My work is also my hobby: I like to know new programming languages & tools, as such as new methodologies to make our work always better. I've worked with digital signatures and PKI, Identity & Access Management solutions (we made a great product), and since 2010 I'm involved in open source, collaborating to Spago4Q platform. At the same time, my group and I are involved to support quality in our company, providing an infrastructure of integrated tools (mainly open source) and methodologies.
I like languages, too, and currently I'm studying Esperanto :-) (I've found a reference to Esperanto in a book on Raspberry Pi!)
I'm married with a special woman, and we have three little, nice children, and I can only thank God for all of these beautiful things in my life!

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