Kai Hackbarth [ProSyst Software GmbH (part of the Bosch Group)]

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Mr. Hackbarth has been actively involved in the technical work of the OSGi Alliance for almost 13 ½ years now. He is the chair of the OSGi Requirements Working Committee as well as co-chair of the Residential Expert Group. Mr. Hackbarth has been involved in several German federal and international funded research projects, such as Service Enabled Devices for Intelligent Connected Media Assistance (SEDICMA), UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living (universAAL) and Ambient Assisted Living user interfaces (AALuis). He also played a key role in the foundation of the OSGi Users’-Forum Germany, which organizes several OSGi related events and workshops per year. Mr. Hackbarth’s focus lies in the areas of smart-home and the Internet-of-Things in general, where he actively drives current developments and is involved in the strategic positioning of ProSyst´s product portfolio.

ProSyst Software GmbH (part of the Bosch Group)