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R&D Software Engineer


I'm an R&D Software Engineer, with expert knowledge of Java and Eclipse.

My first important Eclipse achievement was at the University, when I turned my master thesis into a real-world e-learning application. In this period I built an Eclipse GEF graphical editors to design and simulate cryptographic systems, and I co-authored a related academic paper. My love for Eclipse born in this period, thanks tp the opennes of the environement, and to the very good skills of the people involved.

After the University, I worked for several years as a Consultant Software Engineer in different sectors such as: Credit/Finance; Banking; Healthcare and IT Services. Within this period, I advanced my experience in Web Applications, Service Oriented Architectures and Workflow Systems, working mainly with Java/JEE, using in my everyday work a number of Eclipse Based IDEs and related technologies.

In 2012, I relocated abroad to start working as R&D Software Engineer to develop a suite of modular applications for an organization in the Oil and Gas industry. During this time, I further developed my skills in Java, Eclipse RCP applications design, and I worked in a very multicultural and distributed environment.

Currently, I live in Netherlands, and I often fly back to Italy, where I own my home. I usually spend part of my time improving my skills through working on Eclipse open source projects and writing articles on the web.

Here there are my Git contributions ; my Eclipse active bugs and my weblogs: and .

As personal and professional goals, I'd love to :
- Design a "best-practices" workflow system
- Continue to contribute Eclipse, to improve the toolings.
- Make technical articles, books and videos about software development.

I'm a quite friendly guy, and you can check this out, just by stopping me for a chat, whenever you see me around.