Other Cool Stuff

Mon, 2015-09-21 19:51

Simplifying Git feature branch development with automation (sponsored by Codenvy)

In 2014 Codenvy set itself a goal of doubling the number of commits per developer and halving the time from feature commit to deployment in production. With 73 separate GitHub repos covering both the open source Eclipse Che and closed source Codenvy products plus 8 distribution packages this was a daunting task. Attendees will learn the cultural, process and tooling changes that allowed Codenvy to achieve these goals.

Tue, 2015-09-15 14:51

Continuous Delivery Workflow with Gerrit (sponsored by Genuitec)

Continuous Delivery is the perfect state of software, infrastructure and processes, in which you can release every single change in code to your customers in a very short time. Our development team has recently switched to a Continuous Delivery process for MyEclipse product. We were successful at limiting the amount of regressions, improving overall code quality and drastically increasing release frequency.


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