Tue, 2015-09-22 09:42

Embedded Software Platform for the Eclipse Community (sponsored by IS2T)

This talk will aim to dissect MicroEJ’s rich set of tools to quickly build a Virtual Device featuring rich User Interface, Internet communication, and fast numerical processing. MicroEJ main features will be introduced, explaining how to develop an application for a specific MCU. This session covers several tools: Platform design and configuration, using a Virtual Device on desktop PC, multi-languages support (both high and low level), synchronous and asynchronous communications, RTOS, drivers, and libraries integrations. Tiny-footprint and high-speed execution will also be detailed, using a typical GUI-based application with MicroEJ.

Fri, 2015-07-31 14:37

Boosting the performance of your Eclipse IDE

Are you working on a rocket fast machine that could compute the answer to life the universe and everything within minutes, but still experience poor performance of Eclipse?

There are several things that can be considered to improve the overall performance of your Eclipse workbench. But before you can improve the performance, you need to know the factors that are influencing it: Starting with hardware, the operating system, running processes, over to the JVM and its settings, installed Eclipse features, preferences, to the projects that you are working with in your workspace.

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