The Taming of the Dinosaurs


Common saying since the middle of the 80's is: The Mainframe is dead; Nevertheless I will do a live demo where I will edit, compile and debug a COBOL program remotely on a s/390 machine with a completely Eclipse-based solution.

A valid question: Why bother with this technology from ITs stone age? Fact is: The Mainframe is vital for financial and insurance companies: Although most of us will never get a glimpse on the real COBOL code, we use it day by day: Whenever we buy something on Amazon or Ebay: When it comes to payment it is COBOL code that shifts the money from one account to the other. And with new regulations coming from authorities like ECB or BaFin, especially since the Lehman Brothers disaster, systems developed in the '70s or '80s are undergoing changes even more frequently than ever.

Join this session if

  • your shop uses a mainframe
  • your are tired of TSO/ISPF editing with a 3270 terminal

and learn how to do that the eclipse way.


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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 14:15 to 14:50