Tailor-made model comparison: how to customize EMF Compare for your modeling language


EMF Compare is a framework supporting model differencing and merging for EMF-based models. Therefore, it enables users to determine changes they have applied to their models, to identify overlaps between distinct models and to merge changes that have been performed on the same model by different users in parallel.

However, in many modeling projects, the modeling languages and tools for showing and editing models are tailored to the specific needs of the targeted users. Typical customizations range from domain-specific model editing UIs, such as diagrams or form-based UIs, to modeling macros that allow users to make many model changes with one click. If you apply EMF Compare in such customized modeling environments as is, the results cannot and will not be satisfactory out-of-the-box. EMF Compare is and can only be an extensible framework rather than a one-size-fits-all tool.

In this talk, we show you how you can add tailor-made model comparison capabilities to your modeling project by customizing and integrating EMF Compare in various ways. We explain the extension mechanisms based on examples from customizations that we have actually developed for Papyrus UML and domain-specific form-based modeling projects.


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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05


(Sorry for the late reply, we didn't receive a notification on your question)

You are right that there will be a few details that will probably be more targeted at experienced Eclipse developers. However, a large part of this talk will be about showing which aspects can customized based on different examples, which will be of interest also for beginners.

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