System Modeling with Papyrus

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System engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. As part of its 2020 vision, INCOSE, the international Council on System Engineering, highlighted the need for an evolution to model-based and model-driven systems engineering. As well, as part of its 2025 vision, it has set a goal to have more flexible tools for the creation of system engineering tools.

This session will first describe and demonstrate how Papyrus is well positioned to meet INCOSE's 2020 model-driven systems engineering vision with its support of SysML, the System Modeling Language and how its open nature and extensive customizability can help meet the goals of INCOSE's System engineering tools evolution while supporting legacy implementations

Demos will show how SysML is used to model systems at a high level, how Moka can be used to simulate these systems early in their lifecycle, and how traceability and continuity from system to software can be accomplished.

If you are systems engineer or a software engineer working in a systems environment that wants to see how Eclipse-based open source tools can help you, then this session is for you!