Tue, 2015-07-21 00:25

How to apply the new e(fx)clipse 2.x APIs in e4 on JavaFX, e4 on SWT or even in plain java

As part of the Mars release train the e(fx)clipse project shipped version 2.0 of it's tooling and runtime components with a heap of new and shiny features like:

  • Simple Update API for p2
  • New source editing components to build smart code editors
  • A Lightweight Dialog API
  • ....

On first sight many developers who develop e4 on SWT applications, or plain JavaFX applications might wonder why they should attend but many of APIs we have developed can be used no matter what UI technology you use.

Tue, 2015-07-21 00:02

Can you build a smart code editor with the Eclipse 4 Application Platform (aka e4)

In the last years the Eclipse 4 Application Platform got the default way of building datacentric RCP (eg form based data).

In contrast to that most (code development) tools are still built on top of the compat layer. Why is that? Is it impossible to build a code editor on the Eclipse 4 Application Platform?

While exploring the problems you might face today when trying to develop tools without the compat layer we are going to introduce you to a set of new components who start to fill the missing gaps you encounter today.

Mon, 2015-07-06 09:45

RCP application / build for both desktop and web?

As most of us know, when starting a new project it's the old difficult decision to choose between rich client and web applications. Effectively, it's either web or rich client. Especially when developing Eclipse rich client applications, it's just desktop. Sure, cool techniques like RAP could be used to exchange SWT by web ready JavaScript libraries. Moreover, e4 enables to use different rendering engines for example JavaFX. But again, it's a either SWT or another UI library decision.

Mon, 2015-06-22 15:00

SWT to JavaFX migration of Eclipse 4 based applications

With the Eclipse 4 platform and e(fx)clipse, you are not forced to use SWT as UI toolkit for Eclipse RCP based applications anymore. If you start a new project, you can simply use a wizard for creating the necessary project setup and develop the application from scratch using JavaFX. If you want to migrate an existing application from SWT to JavaFX, you need to perform several steps.

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