Smart edge ioT devices enable utility company to create new business segments in the era of energy revolution


Nowadays utility companies face the situation that more and more customers equip their houses with energy storage systems trying to become self-sustaining with on-site energy production. Supplying electricity as a business model in this scenario does not work - it is neither sustainable nor extendable any more.

EnBW - one of the biggest european energy supply companies - strikes a new path offering their energy knowhow as a service to owners of on-site energy production systems.

EnergyBASE - an intelligent smart edge energy management device - helps to optimize in-house energy flows and to increase the percentage of self-containedness. It provides a self-learning system based on individual power production and personal household consumption characteristics and combines these data with additional external sources like weather data to calculate consumption prognosis in order to optimize in-house energy flows.

The EnergyBASE system consists of an ARM 450 MHz processor with 128 MB RAM and runs an embedded Linux operating system with integrated TCP/IP stack and SQL database. It provides LAN, WiFi and RS485 interfaces. The software stack contains Oracle Java Embedded SE 8 (ported by MicroDoc) and Prosyst mBS Smart Home OSGi.

In this talk we will present our experience using Java Embedded SE 8 and OSGi on an embedded device in a real life project with demanding needs for computation performance (calculation of mathematical optimization models), handling of big data voluminas, various infrastructure needs (internet, sensors, powerline, housenet) and stability (24/7) requirements.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 16:45 to 17:20