A Sirius editor to define Sirius editors


Sirius is a framework to build graphical modeling tools for EMF models. The editor definition itself has to be specified in an Odesign model, which is interpreted by the Sirius runtime.

It is possible to define a Sirius editor that works on the Odesign meta-models, allowing graphical modeling of graphical editors. One of the advantages of such an editor is that it enables observing static visual styles of elements already while defining the editor, without even having to open an instance of the defined editor. The first results of this are available on Github:

However, there are some hurdles in the development of such an editor at this time. It is missing the rich properties view of the original tree-based Odesign editor. This properties view e.g. provides code completion for textual expressions which are used in Odesign models to express constraints etc. Additionally it is not possible to save changes on the Odesign models, since the Sirius runtime filters out Odesign files on saving.

This talk shows what is generally possible, what is missing, and where help is needed.


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