Thu, 2015-07-16 16:37

The brand new Neutron Reflectivity Simulator in Eclipse ICE and what it took to make it

One common method of determining the exact structure of thin films is to put them into a beam of neutrons and see how the neutrons reflect off the surface. Such experiments require significant time and effort at one of a handful of facilities around the world since highly-collimated neutron beams are not generally available at local hardware stores. Simulating the profile of the reflected neutrons can thus greatly accelerate the research by providing insight on the best cases to study and keeping the final experiment focused and efficient.

Wed, 2015-07-15 11:08

Scripting in Eclipse RCP-based applications

Scripting is widely used to automate software processes. Moreover, scripting is used to facilitate customized solutions, such as developing new features quickly or making workflows easily reproducible. Therefore the focus of this work is to enable a seamless interaction of the script with the OSGi bundles of its surrounding RCP application. To address this, we implemented a Jython support in OpenChrom. Jython, is an alternative Python implementation, became popular during the past years as it runs on the JVM.

Tue, 2015-06-30 15:40

I love scripting

Scripting eclipse has never been so easy. Write and execute scripts right in your beloved IDE.
During this talk we will

* write helper scripts for eclipse
* attach scripts to the UI
* write scripted unit tests
* extend scripting capabilities with our own libraries
* dynamically load java classes from the workspace

We do not start language wars, so we support them all (JS, Python, Groovy, Ruby, Java)

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