Rover Use Case, Specification, design and implementation using Polarsys Tools: Capella, CDT, Gendoc, Papyrus and ReqCycle


In this session, we will show you how it is possible to use Polarsys tools for the Vee Cycle of the ROVER project. The ROVER project goal is to create an earth drone using all the Polarsys tools. Polarsys is an Eclipse Industry working Group, it provides Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems such as CDT, Capella, ReqCycle, Papyrus and GenDoc.

Through this use case, we will demonstrate you how to:

  • Extract requirements from external source like SysML Models with ReqCycle
  • How link these requirements to another external data source, like test cases, C code or Capella architecture models
  • How to have a consistent documentation which display the whole traceability from the top requirements to the source code using Gendoc

Note: This talk is a revised version of that was given to Eclipse Con North America 2015 last March in San Francisco and to Eclipse Con France 2015 last June in Toulouse.


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Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 14:15 to 14:50