Risk-based Testing with Jira and Jubula


How many tests does your software need? One test per single requirement/user story, or more? Testing everything is unfeasible (unless you have 42^10 good testers and 10^42 years at your disposal): you definitely need a criteria to identify what shall be tested and how deeply. Risk-based testing helps you to find the most important and risky parts of your software and to focus your attention and limited time on them. In this talk Daniele presents risk-based testing that leverages some powerful and very popular tools that a tester toolbox shouldn't ignore. You will learn what these strange beasts are – the risks. You will learn how to use your Jira instance to manage risks in a more productive way, instead of a 342-page risk management document that nobody will never read. You will learn how to integrate Jira and Jubula to effectively test your software with your shiny new risk collection. Last but not least you will see how many benefits you can gain, as a tester. This talk is extracted from Daniele's several years' experience at Engineering Group as a developer, as a teacher on testing training courses at the corporate IT Academy and as a consultant on software quality.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 13:45 to 14:20