Pushing EMF beyond its limits: AUTOSAR Splitables


EMF is now well established as a framework for engineering tools in the automotive industry and it is amazing to see how many use cases are covered by it. But the support for AUTOSAR requires concepts that are not supported by EMF out of the box, one of them being Splitables:

As EMF users will know, an EMF model can be split into various (cross-referencing) resources, with each object being contained in exactly one resource. But with AUTOSAR, the contents of a single object can be spread over several resources. E.g., the contents of a package can be split over various files. And moreover, the features/attributes of objects can be spread over various files, each containing a partial object.

This talk will explain the conceptual and technical challenges of adding this functionality transparently, so that the entire eco-system around EMF can leverage the splitable concept without any APIs or implementations of the clients (transformations, code-generation, editors) having to be changed.

The implementation uses AspectJ to add the required behavior to plain EMF and will be published within the scope of the Sphinx framework.

The talk will provide information for all that are interested in pushing EMF beyond its default behavior or interested in AUTOSAR. In addition, the "Splitable" concept is an interesting exercise for anyone interested in modeling.

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