Orion 'Code Edit': A Really Sweet Stand-Alone Code Editor


Now that the Orion editor is becoming one of the most capable editors for web development we've had a lot of interest in allowing clients to embed the editor into their own UIs. To satisfy that need we've developed a new stand alone editor component specifically designed to be used as an embedded widget. Unlike Orion's previous stand alone offering this one comes with most of the capabilities of the full-blown Orion editor (Content Assist, smart hovers, NLS support...).

The focus here is on two things:

Consumability: We've designed the component to be very easy to get and embed on any page...

Flexibility: Since size matters and not everyone needs everything we've also put effort into allowing the consumer to customize how the editor works *for them*.

Come see just how easy it is to use this for your web coding needs and how much it provides !

[ Note that while this submission has only myself as the presenter my hope is that I can get one or more of the clients who are currently consuming this to join me to share their experiences. ]


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 16:45 to 17:20


Sorry for the delay, the slides are now up and we're in the process of updating the wiki page based on your feedback; the last slide contains a link to the wiki....

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