One objective, Requirement interoperability, 2 challengers: ReqIF Vs OSLC

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Today modern systems are more and more complicated than ever before. All industries from mobile communications, automotive, aeronautical, rail, and healthcare are developing products which request evermore features whilst demanding shorter times to market. This extra complexity is compounded by the collaboration of multiple stakeholders and disparate engineering teams. For example, two organizations (manufacturer and supplier) or two different engineering departments (Design and safety) in the same company need to be involved. Requirements management has been an integral part of the development process in various industries. Those stakeholders are rarely able to work on the same requirement repository and sometimes do not work with the same requirement authoring tools.

The ReqIF and OSLC Requirement management domain are open and free specifications. They support collaboration and satisfy the industrial need for requirement information exchange. Their respective Eclipse projects are and .

In this talk, we present both the ReqIF and OSLC RM domain, what their underlying principles are and how they are used to support collaboration with various requirement management tools. We will discuss their common concepts and highlight their differences. We will also give advice on the most appropriate process and specification you should follow for different scenarios. We will illustrate with real industry use cases.

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